Sista Awa was born in Bergamo, Italy, in 1996 from a Senegalese father and an Italian mother. Her musical journey began in 2010, starting to sing soul, blues and original reggae music. In 2014 Awa decided to start a new project as a solo singer. She met the Eazy Skankers band, one of most important reggae bands in Italy. They travelled together a lot, performing at the Overjam, One Love and Rototom Festivals. She released her first solo album, called „Inna dis ya Iwa“ (released by Bonnot Music, Good Fellas / Southern distribution). Awa is now working on her new album with the multi-award winning producer Bonnot (General Levy, Dead Prez, Assalit Frontali) and she’s ready for her international tour alongside her new reggae band, The Rising Tones or alongside DJ Bonnot for a live set that goes from the roots music, passing through dub music to the jungle!
She performed in 2017 at Dub Gathering, Dub Camp, Overjam and many other festivals, touching 9 different countries in only 3 months, while in 2018 she will attend to main festivals, such as Uprising, Overjam, Hill Vibes, Dubquake, Txapel Reggae and many others to confirm, performing in more than 10 countries, also out of Europe.



BOOKING: Alexander Brechow