Sebastian Sturm made an impressive comeback in 2011 with the album „Get Up & Get Going“ on Rootdown Records. Together with the Exile Airline-Band he brought back authentic Roots Rock Reggae without sounding old-fashionned. Since its release the album has been presented on more than 100 shows in Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Poland or Switzerland as well as at all the big festivals like Summerjam, Reggaejam, Chiemsee Reggae, Reggae Sun Ska and Rototom – what a great success! The latest album „A Grand Day Out“ was produced in Jamaica and released on November 08, 2013! It is the qualitative development of their own, multifaceted definition of Roots Rock Reggae and gives the true and genuine sound of a live band. The definite highlight of 2014 was their stay in Jamaica, which resulted in the current release „The Kingston Session“(RD 10/04/2015). The release tour is booked for autumn/winter 2015. Right now they are in the studio, working on the new album coming 2017.




BOOKING: Alexander Brechow


Sebastian Sturm & Exile Airline – True Music